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Why 90% of Football Bettors Lose

Crime expert warns the public against engaging in football betting in any form as it constitutes a violation of the law, with up to 90% of bettors destined to lose.

Why do bettors always lose?

Speaking about livescore football prediction has become a dangerous menace in many countries, including Vietnam. While football betting enthusiasts may not necessarily harbor a genuine love for the sport, they often view it as a means of making money.

According to Hieu, although in many countries football betting has been legalized,betting on football is only permitted experimentally for international matches with strict regulations. Betting on football outside of these regulations is still considered gambling, organizing gambling activities, and is prohibited by law.

Statistics show that around 90% of football bettors lose, possibly due to their limited knowledge and understanding of football, their impulsive nature in betting, and reliance on luck.

Ra He
Ra He

Basic Information You Need to Know from A to Z about Card Betting

Card betting, while not as popular as other forms, still garners interest from many members. This type of bet is quite interesting and novel, and the rewards for players are relatively high. If you're new to this, you need to clearly understand the definition, experience, and strategies to increase your chances of winning each round.

What is Card Betting?

Card betting is a special type of bet in football, often not included in common betting formats. This type of bet involves predicting the total number of yellow and red cards that will appear in a match. Although it is not widely known, it is considered relatively easy to play and has similar execution to Asian over/under bets.

Yellow cards are more common in matches due to injuries and basic fouls by players. They appear more frequently than…

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Guide on How to Analyze Soccer Match Odds from A to Z

Currently, soccer betting is increasingly becoming a favorite entertainment activity for many people participating in various bookmakers. Players can engage in analyzing odds and placing bets on matches from many different leagues around the world. However, not everyone knows how to analyze soccer match odds. Therefore, the following betting tips of the day will provide specific guidelines for reference.

What is Analyzing Soccer Match Odds?

Soccer betting odds are the betting odds set by bookmakers based on analysis and calculations for players. Each match, bookmakers offer many different types of bets such as handicap odds, over/under odds, 1×2 odds, corner kick odds, etc.

Analyzing match odds involves players using the bookmaker's odds table to make assessments and predictions. This allows players to make informed decisions on which outcome is most likely to win.

Analyzing odds is not a…


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